Andrea Wieler

Translation Service, Glasgow, Scotland
We now offer translation services in a variety of language combinations. Our translation professionals work exclusively into their mother tongue and all translations are professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and flow. For further information or a quote, please contact

Translation Services

You would like to learn a new language, but can’t make it to our premises? We can come to your office and teach your class there. Whether you are interested in group classes or individual classes for yourself or your staff, get in touch to discuss options and prices.   […]

Workplace classes

Travelling to a French speaking country? Always wanted to learn some French? This uncomplicated and hands-on approach to basic French might just be what you are looking for. Learn basic French skills in our Quick-Start French course. On 4 consecutive evenings, you will learn how to introduce yourself and others, […]

Quick-Start French 16th – 19th January 2017