Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, our FAQs may not accurately reflect our normal response to common questions. All of our courses have now been moved online where possible, so please contact us if you have a specific question you need answered.

Kids classes

What will my child do in class?

All children’s sessions are based on learning through play. Children learn the target language through the use of games, songs, physical activities and arts and crafts.

Can I attend the class along with my child?

If your child needs your company to settle in, you can join the class for a while. However, we do encourage children to manage themselves and that parents can always be contacted if need be. Exceptions are our Bounce & Rhyme sessions where parents/carers are required to attend the session with their child. If your child has special needs which require the parent/carer to be with them at all times then please speak to us to see how we can best assist.

How can I tell what level my child is at?

We do not work with ‘levels’ as it does not reflect the way children learn in general. Instead, we set up our kids groups according to age abilities. There is a rough age guide but we also look at the chemistry and the dynamics between children in each group to make sure it works. The most important thing is that your child enjoys the session.

As well as speaking, will my child also learn to read and write in their target language?

Although we occasionally do some writing and reading with the 9+ age groups, it is not a weekly tool as our sessions focus on speaking and actively using the target language.

Is their anything my child needs to bring to the class?

No. We provide everything they need.

How many children will there be in the class?

We do not allow more than 8 children per class in order to guarantee the quality of our teaching.

What do you offer for children aged 12+?

Please contact us for details.

Do you provide pre-exam tutoring services?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for more details so we can discuss your requirements.

Which age groups do you teach?

Anyone between the ages 0 to 18.

Do you offer classes for babies?

Yes, we run weekly drop in Bounce & Rhyme sessions.

Do you offer classes for families?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for details so we can discuss your requirements.

Do I need to stay with my child during the class

No. As long as we have your immediate contact details (which we will once you have filled in a registration form) you are free to leave. We will contact parents/carers via mobile calls should it become absolutely necessary while your child is in class. You can also be reassured that children are not allowed to leave without an assigned pick up person once their class has finished. We do ask parents/carers to contact us as soon as possible should they be running late for pick up.

When do classes run?

We run children’s classes on 6 days of the week. You can find all sessions in all available languages on our website.

The Library Hub

How much is library membership?
  • Families (2 adults, unlimited number of children of the same family): £45,-/12 months
  • Individuals: £35,-/12 months
  • Schools/nurseries: £125,-/12 months

Get the full details here.

Can I buy books from you?

We have very small selection of purchasable books. The majority of our books are part of our multilingual lending library.

Payment and general FAQs

How long is a single session?
  • Bounce & Rhyme sessions run for 30 minutes
  • Children’s sessions for 40 minutes
  • 1 to 1 class for 45 minutes
  • Sessions for the 10+ age range can sometimes be scheduled to run for 60 minutes
  • Family sessions run for 45 minutes.
How much does a single session cost?

There are different prices for different types of sessions. You will find this information in our individual listings of all sessions available on our website. Please note that we regularly run free of charge sessions, too, and a donation toward our lending library is always welcome.

Can I pay on a session-by-session basis?

If you are attending a block of classes you will be expected to pay the full block in advance on the day before your block booking is due to start at the latest. Your payment secures your place.

Can I pay by debit/credit card?

Yes. You can either pay via our website or in person at the hub using a debit/credit card.

Do I need to register in advance?

Yes. All classes have to be booked in advance whether they are individual weekly ones or blocks; the only exception are our weekly 0+yrs Bounce & Rhyme sessions which run as drop-ins and can be paid upon arrival on the day. However, there might be a slight chance that the session is full if you do not reserve or book your pace in advance.

Can I book online?

Yes, you can. Find the class that you would like to book, add it your basket and follow the checkout instructions. You will receive a confirmation for your booking via email.

Will I need to buy course materials?

No. We do not use course books. We do hand out sheets from time to time with exercises or vocabulary, or children can create their own. We do provide a folder to help the children keep everything organised.

Are your teachers native speakers?

Yes. All our children’s classes are taught be native speakers of the target language.

Do you use only the target language in your classes?

It depends on the ability of the child. In bilingual support sessions, yes, we only use the target language. In language learning classes we use immersion which means a usage of the target language of 50-100%, the average being around 70%.

What is your course schedule?
Do you offer one-to-one lessons?

Yes, we do. Contact us so we can discuss your requirements.

How long have you been in business?

The Language Hub was set up in 2011.

Are you a registered charity?

No. We operate as a community interest company because we believe in self sustainability.

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Where are you based?

We are located in Partick in the West End of Glasgow.

Our premises are at:

7 Keith Street, G11 6QQ

Contact us…
Do you offer tuition in my own home?

No, sorry. 🙁

Do you provide classes outwith the Hub?

We have in the past and we may do so in future, but please contact us for details and to discuss your requirements.

Do you offer discounts for students/pensioners/unemployed?

Not for our classes. We do offer a sibling discount of 10% for any additional sibling booking (does not have to be the same class) and 20% for more than 2 sibling bookings.

Do you teach English?

Yes, we do. See our course schedule for adults and kids.

Which languages to you teach?

See our course schedule for current languages.

Do you cater for all levels?

Yes, we do but we like to call it ‘ability’ rather than level.