The Library Hub provides a space to read and borrow books and teaching material for children and adults in different languages and aims to encourage language learning, offer support for bilingual families and contribute to the successful implementation of the Scottish Government’s language teaching strategy 1+2 by making MFL material more accessible.

The Library Hub hosts literary events as well as community gatherings to fight isolation and help people come together. It will be open for schools and families for a small membership fee that goes towards our running costs.

Language learning

Nurseries and schools

Based on the 2015 Glasgow schools census, there are around 93,000 children attending nurseries and schools who have at least one other language, out of a total of 133 different languages, as their home language.

Glasgow caters for over 140 primary schools alone which all need to comply with the Scottish Government policy of offering two foreign languages at P1 and P5 level. Many of the early years institutions also try to support foreign language input but very often fail due to the lack of resources. We do not have figures for adults learning an additional language, however, we have seen a 30% increase in students in the last 12 months which is very encouraging.

The multilingual books will further support the EAL (English As an Additional Language) staff in nursery and primary schools. We believe we can reach a large percentage of those based in Glasgow who have an interest and need for foreign language books.

Families and individual learners

Whether you are a member of a bilingual family or a learner of a second or third language, books, films and music are certainly part of your language development. The Library Hub supports learners by making access to books and learning material accessible for a small membership fee rather than learners’ having to buy books. This allows learners to rotate reading material and have a greater variety for a fraction of the price.

Our literary and community events offer a wonderful opportunity for the learning community to come together, exchange experiences and make new connections and friends.


We would like to thank all our supporters who have helped us in raising the funds to open the Library Hub in September 2019, in particular the Peter Baumann Foundation, who has made a substantial contribution.

While your Library Hub membership fee is an important contribution towards the running costs of the library, including staff costs, rent, as well as material, we will also rely on regular fundraising events to maintain the Library Hub and allow it to be a long term sustainable project.

We welcome donations of books, music CDs and DVDs in all languages, unused print paper, self-adhesive clear covering film, stationary, book ends, printer cartridges, wall projectors, a mobile screen, white board markers, printers and copiers and of course, we are grateful for your time as a volunteer for manual tasks (no experience necessary).

Work experience and internships

The Language Hub CIC has been providing work experience and internship experiences for pupils, students and adults trying to orientate themselves on the job market. The Library Hub will provide another interesting area of work to gain experience in. Please contact us for details.


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