The Covid crisis has left the world shaken. We have been worried about our health and the wellbeing of our communities, and also about economic factors and jobs. The future looks uncertain and entrepreneurs all over the world try to find ways to get through this safely while keeping their businesses afloat. Small local businesses have been hit particularly hard since cash flow has dried up, but bills keep coming in. As we are slowly moving out of lockdown and making sure we can resume activities without risking our health, locals shops and restaurants look to a bleak future of decreased turnover but steady costs.

So, what can customers do to help local businesses thrive in our communities?

Get in touch

This is easy. When looking for items or services, go on the website of your local provider. Can’t find what you are looking for? Give them a call or send an email. Many small businesses are happy to be creative and flexible in order to find a solution for you. Maybe they have some advice on how to approach an issue. At the Hub, we work on the basis of demand and are happy to put on a new course or create a special bagel for you.

Be patient

Things have changed and many businesses now have to operate in a way that is less than ideal. This is to protect everyone’s health and stay sane at the same time. If you have an idea how to approach an issue differently, give feedback. But please bear with us while we navigate these untested times.

Keep an open mind

Watching a play on Zoom? Conversation class in the parking lot? Or takeaway picnic? Why not? Try something new, something a bit wacky—you might enjoy it. In any case, you are supporting your local economy. (We are actually considering the conversation class in the parking lot!).



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Be generous, but pay remotely

First of all, thank you for having read until here. This means that you really care about small local business and want to support us. We love seeing you at our shops and cafes and your custom helps us get through these challenging times. But please bear in mind that in a pandemic, cash is no longer king, but contactless payment, PayPal and bank transfers are. Weary about machines handling your money? Speak to us about your preferred payment method, have a chat with your bank, and together we can work something out.

Stay safe

This is the most important thing to think about. Please look after your health and protect yourself as well as the community. With today’s technology you will be able to order your favourite sandwich or participate in your French class online until you can visit us for a chat at the door.

At the Hub, we are embracing the challenge life has thrown at us. As always, the health of our staff and customers are our top priority and decisions are made in line with guidance from the Scottish Government and in communication with our staff. We have moved some of our classes online and run the Café Hub as a take-away. Soon, we will be participating at the Partick Farmer’s Market and would love to have a socially distant chat with you. In the meantime, stay safe and stay positive.