Like all businesses at the moment, our opening hours are constantly changing in response to the latest COVID-19 regulations, so please contact us beforehand if you plan to visit.

Although things have been looking slightly brighter since the start of 2022 with regard to the pandemic, we feel that there will be a mental health crisis coming along caused by long-term effects of isolation, long-term Covid restrictions, and now the steeply rising cost of living. Therefore, we would like to provide a creative outlet as the beginning of a healing process and a support network for those who seek it.

In co-orperation with Mind and Draw, we would like to address the recent lack of school holiday activities and help relieve the burden experienced by those who may struggle to provide meals during holiday periods. We hope to feed children and their adults as much as letting them access creative activities they can enjoy together.

We have applied for some funding from the Partick and Thornwood Ideas Fund so we can bring together different members from our local community once a week.


The decision on who will receive funds will be made by a public vote, so we need your help! Voting will run from 21st to the 28th of June. There will also be a display of stalls for projects applying on the 25th of June at The Annexe, 9 Stewartville St, Partick, Glasgow G11 5PE.

The Ideas Fund is delivered through Participatory Budgeting – a democratic way for people to have a direct say on how public money is spent. PB gives people the opportunity to identify and discuss what matters to them in their communities and to vote on their priorities.

Mind and Draw is a community project that offers workshops and sessions with the aim of helping people express themselves through the art of being creative. Each workshop provides anyone the chance to draw how they feel and express themselves in any way. This project is an open workshop and community where people can come in and just draw or paint and chat to others in the group without any pressure.