Private Language Tuition

One-to-one, Two-to-one, and Groups

For a personalised experience and classes tailored to your needs, you can book one-to-one, two-to-one, and small group classes at The Language Hub.

These can be arranged according to your schedule and our availability. Our suggested length for these classes is 45-mins per session and we ask learners to book a minimum of four 45 minute sessions in advance.

We offer a discount of 5% for advance booking of ten sessions or more.


One-to-one £40 per 45 mins
Two-to-one £48 per 45 mins
Kids One-to-one £28 per 45 mins
Small group classes Price on request






We specialise in classes for the entire family. In order to create classes that are suitable for your family, we would take numbers and age of the members of your family into account as well as the reasons for wanting to learn and practice a language.

Our family sessions are designed to be enjoyable for all and tend to be playful and informal to accommodate our youngest learners. This makes it a very different experience from the school classroom and makes learning less of a chore for kids.

These classes can only be booked by families with children.



Family session (max. 2 adults and 2 kids) £38 per 45 mins

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