Book Week Scotland 2023

This year’s event is dedicated to all Ukrainian members in our wider community, Glasgow and indeed Scotland. Despite the main and most obvious reasons for coming to Scotland, we want to try and focus on people’s lives since having arrived here and discuss in what ways people are able to focus on more positive aspects in their lives, their (new) adventures in Scotland and how they are developing.

This conversation will be encouraged – and most likely will quite naturally – feed into four of the sub-strands of this year’s theme. This event will allow everyone to reflect on ‘New Beginnings’, ‘When we were young’, ‘Everyday Adventures’ and ‘Answering the Call’.

Conversations will allow participants to reflect on previous adventures, when they were younger, delve into how they manage their new Scottish life and what it meant to them to come to Scotland in the first place.

This event is open to all New Scots and ‘old Scots’ alike, it will be open to anyone who is interested in finding out more about people’s experiences while contributing to the debate with their own thoughts on adventure and parts of their life stories. If all goes well, we will be digitally connecting with others in different parts of the world to find our more about their adventures.

The event is free to attend and open to children too as we do not want to create obstacles that might prevent people from coming; there will be some creative activities in place to keep children entertained. There will also be an opportunity for people to network while enjoying some snacks and refreshments.

november, 2023