Our services

The Language Hub offers classes for all age groups.

We teach young children through the use of song, rhyme and musical instruments. For older children, we incorporate toys, games, songs, dance, and arts & crafts to keep them engaged and having fun at the same time. We also run literacy workshops for children and cultural events for adults. Please check our calendar for regular updates.

Our adults classes focus on individual needs within a very small class setting and we provide all the learning materials you will need.

Tuition and exam preparation

We can support anyone who needs tuition or additional help when preparing for exams, and can also provide one-to-one language learning sessions at a time that suits your own schedule.

Family learning and homeschooling support

We offer family sessions where you can learn along with your children, or support you if you are homeschooling your kids.

Bilingual support

We understand the challenges and joys of raising multilingual children and realise how important additional support for minority languages can be.

Our bi- and multilingual sessions are a great opportunity to engage with other children who speak the same language outside the immediate family.

Our classes are highly interactive and children are encouraged to participate using their minority language. This is achieved through the use of toys, games, songs, dance, and arts and crafts ensuring your child is learning while also having fun. Sessions further incorporate cultural aspects of the minority language.

Classes and material for schools

We supply schools with multi-lingual books and material for classroom activities as well as teaching ideas and support material. We offer 30 to 45 minutes immersion sessions for nurseries and primary schools in support of the Scottish 1+2 language policy. Please get in touch for more information and prices.

Venue hire

Our premises can be hired to host meetings, workshops and children’s parties and other events. Contact us for rates and availability.


We offer translation services in a variety of language combinations. Our translation professionals work exclusively in their mother tongue and all translations are professionally proof read to ensure accuracy and flow.

For further information or a quote, please contact us at translations@thelanguagehub.co.uk and remember to include the following:

  • type of document
  • format (print, Word, web content, etc.)
  • size (word count)
  • timescales
  • language combination(s)
  • any other relevant information