Support sessions for schools and nurseries

The Language Hub can provide your school with multi-lingual material; from stickers to vocabulary and work sheets and children’s books in over 25 languages.

We are happy to come to your school or nursery and deliver immersion experiences for children. Our teachers are native speakers and trained to work with young children. We work in blocks of 8 x 30 or 45 minutes and cover various topics from greetings to colours, body parts, the weather and more.

Pupils will…

  • Dive into a world in which a foreign language is spoken naturally as a means of communication and expression of culture
  • Explore and participate in a foreign language through play and music
  • Develop an understanding of a variety of linguistic functions
  • Practise previously encountered vocabulary and functions
  • Learn and practise new vocabulary and functions
  • Gain more self-confidence in using a foreign language and communicating with others
  • Discover differences between other cultures and their own.

Please contact us to discuss options and prices or organise a meeting in your school or just order through our online shops.