Chat, Cake and More

We will be running community meetup events exclusively for residents of the Partick and Thornwood community every Friday from 10am to 11am from the last week in January. Due to the ever-changing COVID-19 regulations, we have decided that the meetups will be held online via Zoom.
Our schedule is as follows:
Week Event

Environmentally wrapping paper from pattern printing.

Tools and materials: string, a box or a wooden block, acrylic paint or ink, roller or a brush, paper, scissors.


Relief printing with objects found on a walk in a park.

Tools and materials: found objects, ink or acrylic paint, roller or brush, paper, cotton pads.


Star sign design with a string.

Tools and materials: glue, string, paint, roller or a rolling pin, scissors

4 and 5

Landscape printing with a home made glue plate (2-week workshop).

Week 1: creating the plate and designing the landscape

Week 2: printing the landscape, colouring in the print


Wax seal with initials.

Tools and materials: wine cork, carving tool/knife, lino, glue, candle, dish for melting wax.


Designing a postcard with writing – pinprick design.

Tools and materials: pin, card.


Stencil Placemat.

Tools and materials: fork, knife, spoon, cardboard, paint, thin straw, glue.


Stencil party invitation.

Tools and materials: pages from a magazine or a newspaper, card, acrylic paint, brush, glue.


Cardboard Alphabet Letters.

Tools and materials: cardboard, pencil, scissors, acrylic paint/ink, card.

The activities are suitable for all age groups and Everyone is welcome – old and young, irrespective of background.
This event is fully funded by the Partick & Thornwood Ideas Fund 2020 and you will need to register for your preferred date in advance. You can register for one session or for all ten.

These session are free to attend and will run from 29th January until 2nd April, 2021


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