Library Rules

Welcome to the Library Hub. In order to ensure a clean, pleasant and safe space for everyone, we would ask you to respect the following rules. If you ignore these rules, you may be asked to leave and/or have your membership revoked:


  1. Please present your library card if you would like to borrow books and material
  2. No animals, other than guide dogs for the blind and specially trained dogs for handicapped persons, may enter the library.
  3. You should never give your library card to anyone else to use.  If you do you may have your access restricted
  4. You are responsible for ensuring your contact details are up to date. You should supply an email address, a phone number and a postal address.

Code of conduct

  1. No food or drinks are to be consumed anywhere within in the library.
  2. Children must be attended by an adult at any time.
  3. Please use our changing facilities to change children’s nappies.
  4. You should help keep the Library Hub clean and tidy by disposing of rubbish responsibly
  5. If you browse books, please put them back where you took them from. If in doubt, please ask staff to assist you.
  6. All books and periodicals must be returned to the shelves after use.
  7. Please let staff know if you find any items that are faulty or broken.
  8. Mobile phones must be switched to silent mode.
  9. Conversations on mobile phones must be held outside.
  10. The use of equipment likely to disturb or distract other readers or to damage library materials is not permitted in the Library. 
  11. Do not photograph or film anyone in the library without explicit consent.
  12. Staff are empowered to stop any activity which they consider prejudicial to the safety, well-being, or security of readers or staff or to the preservation of the collections.
  13. Look after your personal belongings. The library accepts no liability for the theft of your possessions

Borrowing and consulting

  1. If you would like to borrow books, please report to the desk. You can borrow up to 10 children’s books and 5 adult books for up to 28 days at one time.
  2. Renewing the loan period of your books is not possible if these books have been reserved by another member.
  3. If you fail to return items on time without prior consent you may be asked to pay a fine of £0.10 per day per item; these funds will go toward the general upkeep of the library.
  4. You will be held liable for any damage or loss of the books you borrowed including making notes.
  5. Works of reference, unbound works, or parts of works may not be borrowed except by the special permission of the librarian or a person appointed by him/her, but may be consulted at the Library Hub. 
  6. If you spend time in the at the library reading and consulting books without a valid library card of the Library Hub, please consider a donation towards our running costs, which are detailed below for your information.

Average running costs of the Library Hub for one year 

Rent £15,600
Utilities  £4,500
Internet £480
Rates £7,000
Staff  £20,000
Replacement costs and new purchases £1,000
Service and maintenance IT  (plus new equipment every 5 years) £700 
Repairs and maintenance furniture £300
Stationary £300
Total £49,880